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version 2017.10.10.1


The Character Fountain API is a recreation of the old internet Chargen service. It is expected this API will be useful when testing the HTTP capabilities of Internet of Things devices without having the data rendered in a browser or other software. The data can be sent directly to the devices display to verify what characters it is capable of showing. This may also prove useful to validate that the device can connect to the internet and successfully retrieve data.

Primarily, the API is intended to return to the sender a string of the characters whose decimal code values are in the range specified. Secondarily, a small HTML page can be sent back with all the characters as HTML entity codes so they may be viewed in a browser. Alternately, a comma delimited list of those codes may be requested, which will be sent in plain text.


More Information

To learn how to use the Character Fountain, refer to the documentation here: help-charfount.php.

The WADL for this API can be found here: charfount.wadl.

The WADL Report for this API can be found here: charfount-wadl-report.html.

The Swagger 1.2 definition for this API can be found here: charfount-swagger-1_2.xml or charfount-swagger-1_2.json

The Swagger 2.0 definition for this API can be found here: charfount-swagger-2_0.yaml.

For more information or assistance with this website, please e-mail me:


Custom HTTP Headers

Two custom HTTP Headers will be sent with each response.


This header will contain the curent version of the API that generated the response.

X-API-Version: 2017.10.10.1


This header wil contain the number of characters in the response data.

X-Content-Length: 255


Version Notes